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Vibrancy Bar

Vibrancy Bar
Vibrancy Bar
Product Code: 241-0403
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A unique and delicious blend of mostly raw and sprouted, plant-based superfoods, Vega Vibrancy bars are packed with protein and Omega-3—plus 40% daily intake of fiber in every bar!

Showcasing innovative ingredients like sprouted buckwheat, raw almonds, white chia, hemp seeds and Vega SaviSeed (sacha inchi) oil, Vega Vibrancy bars will satisfy any appetite, whether you’re reaching for a mouth-watering indulgence or a nutritious snack that provides lasting energy.

  • 1 g of Omega-3
  • 10g of protein
  • Plus 40% of your daily intake of fiber in every bar!

Formulated by Brendan Brazier, vegan professional Ironman triathlete and bestselling health author on plant-based nutrition, Vega Vibrancy bars showcase innovative ingredients like:

  • Sprouted buckwheat
  • Raw almonds
  • White chia
  • Hemp seeds
  • Vega SaviSeed (sacha inchi) oil



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