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Novelty Pipes

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Black Moustache Pipe
Canadian hand-made sherlock moustache pipe. ..
Blimpy Pipe
Canadian hand-made pipe that looks like Blimpy the fish from Simpsons...
Blue Dragon Pipe
Canadian hand-made pipe, shaped like a blue dragon!..
Bone Pipe
Pipe made of bone with a little pattern on it...
Cat Pipe
Canadian hand-made pipe looks like a cat with big eyes...
Individually sculpted lava stone pipe. These pipes are fired twice, then plated with precious metals..
Credit Card Pipe
This is a credit card-shaped pipe. It comes apart completely for cleaning and fits in a wallet... aw..
Eagle Pipe
Eagle pipe, hand-made in Canada. ..
Glow in the Dark Monster Pipe
Canadian hand-made monster pipe... it glows in the dark! ..
Goose Pipe
Goose pipe, hand-made in Canada. ..
Metal Dice Pipe
Metal Dice Pipe ..
Penguin Pipe
This Canadian-made pipe looks like a penguin. ..
Proto Pipe
Proto Pipe Old school pipe still a favorite ..
Sat Hitter Pipe
Sat Hitter Pipe   ..
Tasty Puff spray to flavor your tobacco!..
This is a small wooden pipe with a carved design...
Twisty Glass Blunt
Top quality glass blunt...
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