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Yocan E-nail torch

Yocan E-nail torch
Yocan E-nail torch
Product Code: 274.4890
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Price: $74.95

The Torch is a Portable Domeless E-nail, it takes all the danger out of dabbing, provides an innovative and easy way to do dabs on the go or in the comfort of home. Your first choice of premium E-nail.

The basic kit comes with Quartz Dual Coil, which provides with the purest experience, guarantees a crystal clean and smooth essence. Temperature during use is 250℃-280℃ ( 482F-536F ).

Airflow Button

The airflow button quickly allows a large amount of air through to replace smoke. Simply depress the spring loaded carb, you will enjoy a smoother, fuller hit.

Battery :

· This device supports 15s continuous heat each puff, a fully charged battery will support 45 puffs.

· The battery is with Micro USB port, an easier and convenient way to charge the battery.

Simply connecting it with a wall adapter or computer by USB cable.The Torch E-nail fits for 14mm and 18mm ground joints, you can use male or female attachment according to the size of the glass.

It provides two options for your different preference, you can use either the airflow tube or glass tube for best dabbing experience.

·If you want to use this device for dry herb stuff, please get the replacement dry herb coil ( Pancake Dual Coil ) from your supplier.


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